A Happy Healthy Start



A Happy & Healthy Start

Daycare, Preschool  & Pre K

A non-toxic well child program whose purpose is to provide a place for children to learn and grow as individuals who are valued for their wonder and curiosity. A place to support that curiosity through education and play. This is a place where parents and the program come together as a community to encourage and teach. 

About us 

Located in Rochester MA, A Happy Healthy Start Daycare is committed to providing an enriching experience for children that focuses on being healthy and happy in our daily lives. We are inspired by wonderful childcare approaches such as Reggio Emilia and the RIE approach by Magda Gerber. The approach focus on the child that is to be nurtured, respected and given amazing opportunities to learn.
Our philosophy is based on five key principles; trust, environment, play, exploration & interactions and family engagement. Building basic trust in a child to be an initiator, an explorer and a self learner. Trust is essential in developing good judgement and security. We provide a physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing environment with consistent and clearly defined limits to ensure safety. Play is a huge focus as play is how children learn, play is their “work”. We allow for uninterrupted play and allow it to unfold. The teachers will observe and scaffold their learning and when invited will participate in child’s exploration and discovery.
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Our Toddler program is full of all the things young children love! Getting messy, laughing, living life and exploring! However, we set that playing stage for optimal growth and learning so that your child gets the best learning environment while doing what they love to  do- PLAY! 

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Preschool/ Pre K

Our Preschool curriculum focuses on all the fundamentals that will prepare your child for Kindergarten and beyond. We will have activities daily that concentrate on social/emotional development, language and literacy, creative arts, science, math and physical development. Our goal is to provide an environment in which each child will grow and develop to their maximum potential at the same time having fun!

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