A Happy Healthy Start


A Happy Healthy Start

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Welcome! I am so glad you are here! I'm Kristina~ I am an essential oil enthusiast, a brand partner with Young Living essential oils, wellness and mindset coach and founder of www.ahappyhealthystart.com and creator of well Oiled Machine. 

As a mom of daughters and over 10 years of experience owning and working in a daycare I have seen my share of wellness issues in children and families. I have also had serious health issues of my own and with my daughters. Some of which were life threatening. After going on my own personal wellness journey and seeing successes and failures I am sharing my knowledge in order to help others. 

My hope is that my story can inspire others on their own wellness journey and that it can provide insight to help navigate this journey. My goal is to take the confusion out of essential oils, wellness and all things to do with motherhood. 

"That which you pay attention to WILL change."

Join me and my wellness team to learn what is best for you to start focusing on. 

Talk soon!